Monday, May 01, 2006

BBC Radio 4: The Last Great Wilderness

Radio 4

Just in case you missed 'The Last Great Wilderness' on Radio 4:

"Less is known about the forest canopy than the depths of the poles, yet the forest canopies are thought to house 40% of all terrestrial biodiversity and are the main interfaces between life and the atmosphere. Up until recently the canopy has been relatively inaccessible but now, with the help of giant cranes with low environmental impact, the canopy’s secrets are being unveiled. The Last Great Wilderness builds up the first accurate picture of this “the most important biotic regulator on earth”. Flora, fauna and the relationship with the atmosphere are all under scrutiny. Many species, systems, and relationships of the canopy are still mysterious and much is still to be discovered." - Full story here, with Listen Again link to Programme I and II...

The Foundation's focus is usually at ground level but we encourage sensitive exploration of all wilderness areas for preservation purposes.

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