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Green TV on the Web

The United Nationes Environmental Programme has, in partnership with Greenpeace, started a new on-line only TV channel... You can see a variety of programmes on http://www.green.tv/
- You can also follow developments on their blog: http://blog.green.tv/

The Wilderness Foundation welcomes this new channel for furthering the debate about environment.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

World Water Week

The World Water Week is underway in Stockholm - http://www.worldwaterweek.org/ - The Wilderness Foundation supports debate around the use of water resources. Wilderness areas are increasingly under strain from drought due to increased urban water usage.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Minimum Impact - The TGO Guide to walking softly in the wild

This guide to walking softly in the wild from TGO will be of interest to any outdoor person, whether seasoned or new to the terrain...

To join one of our Wilderness Trails, read more on our website:

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Short Courses at Schumacher College that may be of interest

September 10-22, 2006
Peter London, Antony Gormley & Peter Randall-Page

October 8-13, 2006
Stephan Harding & Per Espen Stoknes

October 15-20, 2006
Patrick Harpur & Michael Tucker

October 22-November 3, 2006
Julia Middleton, Marc Freedman & Richard Douthwaite

November 5-10, 2006
David Selby & Alan Dyer

November 12-24, 2006
David Fleming, Ron Oxburgh, Michael Meacher & Richard Heinberg

February 4-23, 2007
Aubrey Meyer, Tewolde Egziabher & Tony Juniper

February 25-March 2, 2007
Stephen Sterling & James Gray-Donald

March 4-23, 2007
Deborah Bird Rose, Jerry Mander & Rebecca Hossack

Click on the dates to learn more - or go directly here: http://www.schumachercollege.org.uk/ShortCourses/ShortCourses.html

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Environmental Podcasts and TGO offer for UK members

From time to time we have referenced audio files and podcasts on this blog - such as relevant lectures at the RSA etc. but just in case you're not familiar with podcasting then there's a useful intro to what it is all about and a list of a number of interesting environmental podcasts in one that can be found here - there is also a new UK initiative called The Outdoors Channel who in all modesty claim to have the ultimate collection:

The Outdoors Channel

Amongst the selection, there is Cameron McNeish, editor of TGO Magazine and also Wilderness Foundation trustee, talking about his recent climb on Mount Ararat: Listen Now.

TGO Magazine Cover
If you prefer print, you can also subscribe to TGO - If you're a UK member of the Wilderness Foundation you qualify for a reduced subscription rate of £25 (vs. the regular £36). To join the Wilderness Foundation, download a membership form here - or if you are already a member and want to take advantage of this offer, call the office (01245443073) for the TGO offer code.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Courses from Centre for Human Ecology and the University of Strathclyde

We thought these might be of interest:

Ethical Enterprise: How can values-led trading organisations can maximise their contribution to ecological sustainability and social justice? Based on two, two-day workshops in Glasgow on 5/6 Oct and 16/17 Nov, plus private study. Leading to a Certificate of Professional Practice. Fee £495.

Food Culture & Agri-Culture: How does farming affect the ecology and community in local areas? What sustainable alternatives to global agribusiness practices exist? Based on two, two-day workshops in Glasgow on 13/15 Oct and 24/26 Nov, plus private study. Leading to a Certificate of Professional Practice. Fee £495.

Spiritual Activism: How can spirituality guide and inspire people working with social and ecological justice? Based on two, two-day workshops in Glasgow on 21/22 Oct and 2/3 Dec, plus private study. Leading to a Certificate of Professional Practice. Fee £495.

Action Research: Deepen your learning about questions you feel passionate about. Research with others, not on them. Based on five workshops in Glasgow on 25/26 Jan; 23 Feb; 23 Mar; 20 Apr, plus private study. Leading to a Certificate of Professional Practice. Fee £495. Sustaining Ecosystems: How do we sustain the ecosystems that sustain us? Based on two, two-day workshops in Glasgow on 8/9 Feb and 15/16 Mar, plus private study. Leading to a Certificate of Professional Practice. Fee £495.

Human Ecology: Initiate effective, enduring change for ecological sustainability and social justice. Full or part-time, based in Glasgow, starting 16 Sept 06 and Sept 07. Leading to Postgraduate Certificate; Diploma or Master of Science. Fee from £2,367 - £4,900. ...and from Centre for Human Ecology and Best Foot Forward Ltd:

Footprint Masterclass: How to calculate the environmental impact and sustainability of a product, organisation, lifestyle or region. One day course in Edinburgh on 9 Nov. Fee £350.

For further information contact Osbert Lancaster, Centre for Human Ecology, 0845 119 2001. Full details online: http://www.che.ac.uk/ > courses

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Windfarms discussion on the Guardian's Comment is Free

The Guardian recently kicked off a discussion on the Comment is Free website with the following:

Lewis, the northernmost Hebridean island, could soon host the world's biggest windfarm, providing up to a quarter of Britain's energy needs and giving a huge boost to the local economy. But the community is split, with some residents saying the installation of hundreds of wind turbines would ruin the island's natural beauty and destroy their way of life.
So, are windfarms an eyesore or an environmental boon? And would you be happy to have one on your doorstep? [More/take part in the debate on Comment is Free]
The Wilderness Foundation is for sustainable energy but against the placing of windfarms in environmentally sensitive areas. Please support our efforts to defend the last remaining wilderness by joining us today.

BBC Radio 4 - Alaskan Wilderness on Excess Baggage

BBC Radio 4 LogoToday's edition of the weekly Radio 4 programme Excess Baggage had a journalist from the Scotsman on the panel who shared some of his experiences of Alaska:

Guy Grieve gave up his office job at a Scottish newspaper to spend a year alone in the Alaskan wilderness. Once in Alaska he cleared trails, built a log cabin, coped with dehydration, survived temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees, came close up to black and brown bears and trained a team of dogs. He wrote the story of his adventure in a book entitled Call of the Wild.
The most recent World Wilderness Congress was of course also in Alaska, and whilst we're in that corner of the globe, this Live Grizzly Bear Cam from National Geographic may be of interest if not entertainment: "Watch the world's largest gathering of brown bears on a live Webcam‚ as grizzlies at Alaska's McNeil River Falls fish for salmon on the run".

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Today's Wilderness View

IUCN: Call for Entries to Excellence in Environmental Journalism Awards

Reuters Foundation and the World Conservation Union (IUCN) launch today the 2006 Media Awards, a worldwide competition aimed at raising global awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues, by encouraging excellence in environmental reporting worldwide.

Enter here: http://www.iucn.org/reuters/2006/enter.htm

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today's Wilderness View

Picture courtesy and © of krazyafrican@krazyafrican.com

Activities around Global Warming

Whilst the Foundation's core work is primarily around Wilderness preservation we have an acute interest in the wider environmental picture including of course the global warming debate.
Here is a round-up of a few of the things we're following:

Big Ask CampaignFriends of the Earth have launched a campaign called The Big Ask. Whilst we don't agree with their broad enthusiasm for windfarms - specifically when they're placed in environmentally sensitive areas such as the last remaining areas of Wilderness in Scotland, we do welcome the debate.
- You can read more about some of the points on windfarms raised at one of our events earlier in the year here.

The FoE guide to Micro Renewables is a useful reference.

The Stop Climate Chaos coalition has an interesting and informative website and they're also the people behind the website icount.org.uk - Here's the event they're planning

Stop Climate Chaos

When: Saturday November 4th, 1-3pm
Where: Trafalgar Square
Why: To show you care about climate changeWhether you care about the environment, global poverty, wildlife or just you and your family, climate change is fast becoming the greatest challenge we face, affecting everything we do. But we can stop climate chaos – if we act now.

It’s time! More and more of us care about climate change, and want our voices and actions to count. That's why on Saturday November 4, in Trafalgar Square, Stop Climate Chaos will launch the I Count campaign. This is the start of something big, as organisations and individuals make their voices heard in the fight against climate change.

On the eve of critical international climate change talks in Nairobi, join thousands of people to send a message to the Prime Minister and other world leaders that they too must stand up to stop climate chaos.

There will be activities happening around London during the day including the Campaign against Climate Change march, which will converge on Trafalgar Square. In the Square you’ll find music, film, special guests and speakers…but most importantly, we need you!It’s your voice… your actions… your future… your planet. Together, we can stop climate chaos. Come back to this site for more details over the coming weeks and months: http://www.icount.org.uk/

You can also get a global perspective here: http://www.globalclimatecampaign.org/ whilst the UK Campaign Against Climate Change have a list of other upcoming events such as their Big London Public Meeting on Climate Change with George Monbiot and others speaking on Wednesday 4th October, 7.00 pm in the Conway Hall. They also have audio files from their conference at the LSE earlier in the year.

Last but not least, you can watch the trailer for An Inconvenient Truth - UK release in September, just below.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trailer for An Inconvenient Truth

The UK release date is the 8th of September 2006 ... Also see the earlier posting re: the Al Gore lecture at the RSA as well as the RSA Library comments on their blog.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Tales of the Full Moon

Who remembers the old TV series "Daktari" (Swahili for 'bush doctor')? Sue Hart, author of Tales of the Full Moon was the inspiration for this classic when she was living in Kenya during the sixties. Probably the first woman wildlife vet in Africa, Sue is also a best selling author.
She used to tell these stories to her own children at bedtime when was a practising vet near the Kruger National Park. The Tales are timeless and a re based on fact and fantasy. We have a limited number available from the office for £12.20 inclusive of UK Postage and Packing: +441245443073 / info (at) wildernessfoundation.org.uk

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Journal of Wilderness - 10 years of back issues now available on CD

Journal of Wilderness
Now in its 11th year of publication, this multi-disciplinary journal is a product of the cooperation between WILD and other pre-imminent institutions such as the Universities of Idaho and Indiana, the Aldo Leopold Research Institute, and the State University of New York.

Sponsorship is provided by leading NGOs and federal government agencies active in wilderness conservation.

It presents the latest in wilderness management, research and recreation, while also covering related issues on the sustainability of wildlands internationally, community involvement in protected areas, and policy issues.

IJW is the tool of choice for wilderness managers and advocates. Every issue contains peer-reviewed articles and feature presentations from numerous countries, as well as a Wilderness Digest, book reviews and illustrations.For more information on the IJW, visit the IJW's website at: http://www.ijw.org/

Now available 10 years of back issues on searchable CD or click here to find out about the availability of printed back issues.

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