Thursday, December 14, 2006

At One TV - Leader Series

At One Foundation

The Wilderness Foundation is one of the founder members of At One - a coalition of youth development organisations - and we thought their new Leader Series, a set of five interviews might inspire. One of those is with Deji Odunlami from TeachFirst:

Why do we like this one specifically? Apart from the fact that we agree with a lot of Deji says, it is especially because TeachFirst has an initiative we think the young people taking part in our trails may be interested in:

We actively encourage the sharing of wilderness experiences through writing, talks, pictures, sound - any which way one can use to get a message across - and this competition for under 18's is an ideal opportunity to get writing! http://www.teachfirst.org.uk/events/youngvoices

To what what other young people have written about wilderness, see this post or click the 'diary' label below.

Watch the rest of the interviews here: http://www.AtOne.org.uk/TV - To learn more about the At One Foundation and its work, read the launch report here.

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