Monday, January 08, 2007

Guardian: Britain's forgotten wilderness - less than an hour from Norwich

The Wilderness Foundation congratulates the RSPB on the acquisition-for-preservation of Sutton Fen. Here's an excerpt from coverage in today's Guardian:

Guardian Unlimited Logo"Walk in any direction from the middle of Sutton Fen in the Norfolk Broads and you will be lost in minutes. You may also sink to your armpits through what looks like solid land but is actually a crust of peat. You could scream but no one would hear because for nearly a mile around there is only slow-flowing water creeping between tall reeds and dense low copses of alder trees. There are no paths, fences, or sounds except for the occasional owl or bittern. It is a true British wilderness - and for its new owners, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, a £1.5m Christmas present to its members."
- Read the full article on Guardian Unlimited here.
- The RSPB have some amazing pictures here.

The Wilderness Foundation works for Wilderness preservation in the UK specifically and globally through our sister organisations on other continents - We also support likeminded organisations wherever and whenever we can.

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