Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wilderness Trail Opportunities

The Wilderness Foundation is dedicated to promoting the value of the world’s remaining wild landscapes, and the urgent need for their conservation, by providing greater knowledge and understanding through direct experience.

Due to demand the Wilderness Leadership School have introduced more open trials for those wishing to experience a wilderness trail who are not part of an organised group. These trails are in the Imfolozi Game Reserve following ancient hunting routes through the historic territory of Shaka, King of the Zulu nation and the natural habitat of a host of African wildlife including the ‘big five’ and over 300 hundred species of birds.

The following trails have vacancies:

6th – 10th June

6th – 10th August

3rd – 7th & 10th – 14th September

5th – 9th November

7th – 11 December

Possible availability on 11-day trail 19th to 30th August

If you desire a pure wilderness experience in a truly wild environment please contact jackie@wildernessfoundation.org.uk for further information.

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