Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wilderness and Troubled Youth

It is with interested that we heard that a wilderness approach to dealing with troubled youth is also being used in places like the Middle East - In today's Jerusalem Post:

"A form of 'wilderness therapy' and psychotherapy has brought significant improvement to Haifa teenagers suffering from violent behavior, concentration problems, anxieties and other problems caused by rocket attacks and chaotic conditions during the Second Lebanon War."

"Nitza Riklin, a Hebrew University-trained psychologist who has worked at the Health Ministry's Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center for 12 years, adapted 'wilderness therapy,' which has for years been popular for 'straightening out' troubled people in the US, Australia and elsewhere. In those countries, program participants live in primitive conditions for many days to receive therapy and to learn to cooperate." --- Read the full article.
Have a dig through our archive to learn more about this important approach.

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