Friday, January 18, 2008

iNomad at the RGS - 23/01/08

The good people at iNomad have their annual event Wednesday 23 January at 7pm - which they hold at the RGS - this coming week and we'd like to note our support of their innovative and inspiring youth programme - Here's exactly what's going on:

We are very pleased to welcome the team from the Offscreen Student Expedition to Oman and the UAE to talk about their experiences breaking down the barriers of misunderstanding between the Middle East and the UK. We are delighted that Offscreen have also invited Sheikh Khalfan to come from Oman to give his perspective on the issue.

Liz Jackson, iNOMAD Award winner, will be showcasing her new work on communicating the wonder of glaciers.

Tickets are £10 in advance and £15 on the door, with all proceeds going to the iNOMAD Award.

Now, just in case you're wondering what the iNomad Award mentioned above is:

The award supports an expedition or project that seeks to bring greater understanding to a cultural or environmental issue creatively. iNOMAD makes one Award of £1,000 each year and also offers support and contacts to help make the project a success. The award winner is also invited to speak at the annual iNOMAD Event, held at the Royal Geographical Society.

Please download the information sheet for more information.

We are looking for applications from individuals (not teams) working on expeditions and projects who are based in the UK and who are under 30.

To apply, head over to this page where you can download the necessary forms etc. Applications close 1 May 2008

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