Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ecopsychology in Practice with Mary-Jane Rust - 4th – 5th November 2006

Mary-Jane Rust, a friend of the foundation and highly respected Jungian analyst, is running a weekend workshop designed specifically for therapists who wish to incorporate ecopsychology into their practice.

"Therapy is an intensely personal process. Yet our psychological health is also affected by the bigger picture and our personal actions can affect others around the globe. Everything we buy and use, including our sources of energy, impact on the larger world around us.

Climate change, peak oil, and a litany of environmental crises are looming on the horizon. Such global change is catastrophic, but brings with it a collective awakening. If we want a future for humanity, we must all address our own unsustainble lifestyles. Engaging in this process of change brings to our attention not only how we relate to each other but also how we relate to the world around us.

While the therapy movement brings change within human relationships, ecopsychology seeks to broaden our awareness to include our relationship with the rest of life, beyond human relationships.

How does this work in practice? How are these global issues psychologically manifested? Do our clients talk about these issues? How do we respond? Do we address these wider issues together as therapists?

This week-end will be a space to start to unpack some thinking and feeling around these concerns."
Mary-Jayne is a Jungian analyst, art therapist and ecopsychologist practising in London. See http://www.mjrust.net/ for more info.

Dates: 4th- 5th November , 2006
Price: £95 (non-residential: if accommodation is required, a B+B list can be provided. Bring a shared lunch.) Limited places, so booking is essential.
Contact: David Gillingham for further booking details, 01803 865572 (Please mention that heard about it from the Wilderness Foundation).

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