Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Outdoor Environment as a Place for Therapeutic Change

An Turus - Journeys for Change logo28th and 29th October 2006 - Kingussie

"When we venture into the outdoor realm, how much attention do we pay to our connection to the environment we find ourselves in? What importance do we place on whether we are journeying through nature or alongside it? How is it that we speak of going out into nature as a separate experience? Does it matter that we ‘use’ nature as a tool to promote human recovery and health?"
To learn more about this or to book your place, please contact: Nick Ray or Ruth Bradbrook at team(at)an-turus.co.uk - Or call them on +44(0)1463 243852 / 07818094311

Learn more about the An Turus Wilderness programme here: http://www.an-turus.co.uk/wilderness.html

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