Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Member Profile: Graham Game

Our membership is drawn from a variety of fields including explorers, environmentalists, ecologists, conservationists but also psychologists and other practicioners not to mention people who simply have a passion for Wilderness. Here, in a new occassional series, we'll be profiling some of our particularly active members.

Graham Game, a professional environmentalist for 30 years, has worked on a wide range of campaigns and projects for organisations such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Green Network and The Wildlife Trusts. In the 1990's he was involved with The All Party Parliamentary Environment Group at Westminster, has been an elected Councillor, a prolific public speaker, facilitator and lecturer, and has written countless articles for a wide variety of publications, and contributed to many broadcast programmes in the UK and USA.

While working for The Wildlife Trusts, Graham was involved with many innovative projects including the creation and management of Europe's largest coastal re-alignment scheme to mitigate some of the effects of sea-level rise and climate change on the East coast of England, and he was instrumental in the partnership with The Royal Horticultural Society, and the Wild About Gardens project which included the new book "Wildlife Gardening for Everyone".

In 2005, having secured sponsorship from a major brand, he project-managed The Wildlife Trusts' Show Garden at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show which won a Silver Award, and came runner-up in the BBC Peoples Choice Award. He has been described in his local press as "One of Britains most experienced Environmentalists", and in 2005 The Independent newspaper in a feature entitled "The Force of Nature", described Graham as responsible for promoting a "New kind of Environmentalism" through his work with Ecotherapy and

Graham has been a keen supporter of The Wilderness Foundation since it became established in the UK, and today is a Consultant working on green PR, marketing, environment, health and sustainability issues, and his primary focus is promoting climate change and energy solutions. He is an active member of The All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group at Westminster, and is busy attempting to write his first book "Ten Years to Save The World".

Here is an excerpt from the Independent article mentioned above:

"It is almost de rigueur in some metropolitan circles to yearn for a simpler life in the country. And even those whose ambitions do not stretch to pressing olives or breeding pigs hotfoot it to the mountains or seaside at every opportunity. When the stresses of everyday life get too much, we take a walk in the park or have an hour in the garden. Science has long recognised this instinctive attraction to nature. Now, an emerging branch of psychology suggests it may be fundamental to our health and wellbeing - and to the future of the planet.

Ecopsychology is grounded in the idea that our innate craving for contact with nature is the result of millions of years of evolution in a natural environment. The problem, ecopsychologists argue, is that industrialisation and urbanisation have tossed those instincts aside. Our detachment from nature lies behind a host of modern psychological, emotional and physical problems, as well as our blasé attitude towards environmental change. Personal and planetary wellbeing, they say, feed into one another." - Read the full article here on the Independent website.

Learn more about Graham's work at http://www.greenfuturesconsultancy.com/ and also read his blog at: http://www.grahamgame.blogspot.com/

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