Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'Wild Laws' - Article in today's Guardian

Interesting article in today's Guardian on the 'Wild Law' concept:

Guardian Unlimited"The term "wild law" was first coined by Cormac Cullinan, a lawyer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Put simply, it is about the need for a change in our relationship with the natural world, from one of exploitation to a more "democratic" participation in a community of other beings. If we are members of a community, Cullinan says, then our rights must be balanced against those of plants, animals, rivers and ecosystems. This means developing new laws that require the integrity and functioning of the whole Earth community to be prioritised. In a world governed by wild law, the destructive, human-centred exploitation of the natural world would be unlawful." - Full story here...

The Gaia Foundation also has an article by Cormac Cullinan, (first published in Resurgence).

UKELAThis also led us to learning more about the upcoming events by the UK Environmental Law Association which may be of interest:

  • Wild Law one day conference Nov 10th
  • Nicholas Hurd MP will talk to the Climate Change Working Party on 23rd Nov
  • Stephen Tromans will provide an update on environmental law in Bristol on 28th Nov
    - On the same day in London the newly formed Corporate Due Diligence Working Party meets.
  • Talks on nature conservation will be given in Cardiff on 30th Nov.
  • The Garner Lecture 2006 by Malcolm Forster will be held on 13th Dec.

Learn more about their events here: http://www.ukela.org/events.shtml

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