Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WFUK on BBC Radio 4 Programme "Excess Baggage"

The Wilderness Foundation UK was recently invited to participate in the popular BBC Radio 4 travel programme "Excess Baggage". The edition on which WF-UK Director Jo Roberts guested was broadcast on Saturday 26th May 2007, with the theme of the show being "wilderness".

From the BBC Radio 4 website:

Once upon a time the wilderness was everywhere but mankind brought about a distinction between hearth and home and the great outdoors. Agriculture tamed and harnessed the wilderness of the natural world. In the twenty first century how much of it is left and should we even contemplate going to what remains?

John McCarthy asks what is wilderness and talks to Jo Roberts, Director of the Wilderness Foundation and to DrNick Middleton, Supernumerary Fellow in Physical Geography at St Anne's College, Oxford whose main research interest is in the nature and human use of deserts and their margin

Jo described the work of the Foundation and how it acts to promote and protect the value of wilderness areas. She also discussed the importance of wilderness areas and wild landscape, in Scotland and South Africa, as a forum for establishing a lasting peace between former adversaries in the Northern Ireland conflict, under the Glencree Sustainable Peace Programme.

The broadcast was very well received. Thank you to everybody who took the time to contact the Foundation and offer congratulations to Jo on raising the profile of wilderness.

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If you missed the programme when it was broadcast you can use the BBC iPlayer "Listen Again" feature.

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