Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wilderness Foundation SA wins prestigious Kudu Award

The Wilderness Foundation South Africa has been recognised in the 2007 South African National Parks Kudu Awards - They specifically won the 'Contribution by Non-Profit' category.

As reported in the The Herald:

"The foundation‘s Imbewu programme, which helped the organisation win the award, has over the last 12 years used retired game rangers to guide youths from disadvantaged areas in wilderness areas, growing their environmental, self- and social awareness. Eight thousand youths have graduated from the programme." - Read the full article in here.
Here's the director of the Wilderness Foundation South Africa, Andrew Muir, accepting the prize:
Well deserved!

The Wilderness Foundation UK continues to support Imbewu through fundraising and awareness building. If you'd like to learn more about this (and other Wilderness initiatives) then do get in touch. Our UK office can be reached on +44 1245 443073 - If you'd like to make a contribution towards this work, please use the Donate/Raise Funds buttons in the right hand margin.

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