Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Activities around Global Warming

Whilst the Foundation's core work is primarily around Wilderness preservation we have an acute interest in the wider environmental picture including of course the global warming debate.
Here is a round-up of a few of the things we're following:

Big Ask CampaignFriends of the Earth have launched a campaign called The Big Ask. Whilst we don't agree with their broad enthusiasm for windfarms - specifically when they're placed in environmentally sensitive areas such as the last remaining areas of Wilderness in Scotland, we do welcome the debate.
- You can read more about some of the points on windfarms raised at one of our events earlier in the year here.

The FoE guide to Micro Renewables is a useful reference.

The Stop Climate Chaos coalition has an interesting and informative website and they're also the people behind the website - Here's the event they're planning

Stop Climate Chaos

When: Saturday November 4th, 1-3pm
Where: Trafalgar Square
Why: To show you care about climate changeWhether you care about the environment, global poverty, wildlife or just you and your family, climate change is fast becoming the greatest challenge we face, affecting everything we do. But we can stop climate chaos – if we act now.

It’s time! More and more of us care about climate change, and want our voices and actions to count. That's why on Saturday November 4, in Trafalgar Square, Stop Climate Chaos will launch the I Count campaign. This is the start of something big, as organisations and individuals make their voices heard in the fight against climate change.

On the eve of critical international climate change talks in Nairobi, join thousands of people to send a message to the Prime Minister and other world leaders that they too must stand up to stop climate chaos.

There will be activities happening around London during the day including the Campaign against Climate Change march, which will converge on Trafalgar Square. In the Square you’ll find music, film, special guests and speakers…but most importantly, we need you!It’s your voice… your actions… your future… your planet. Together, we can stop climate chaos. Come back to this site for more details over the coming weeks and months:

You can also get a global perspective here: whilst the UK Campaign Against Climate Change have a list of other upcoming events such as their Big London Public Meeting on Climate Change with George Monbiot and others speaking on Wednesday 4th October, 7.00 pm in the Conway Hall. They also have audio files from their conference at the LSE earlier in the year.

Last but not least, you can watch the trailer for An Inconvenient Truth - UK release in September, just below.

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