Saturday, August 12, 2006

Windfarms discussion on the Guardian's Comment is Free

The Guardian recently kicked off a discussion on the Comment is Free website with the following:

Lewis, the northernmost Hebridean island, could soon host the world's biggest windfarm, providing up to a quarter of Britain's energy needs and giving a huge boost to the local economy. But the community is split, with some residents saying the installation of hundreds of wind turbines would ruin the island's natural beauty and destroy their way of life.
So, are windfarms an eyesore or an environmental boon? And would you be happy to have one on your doorstep? [More/take part in the debate on Comment is Free]
The Wilderness Foundation is for sustainable energy but against the placing of windfarms in environmentally sensitive areas. Please support our efforts to defend the last remaining wilderness by joining us today.

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