Saturday, August 12, 2006

BBC Radio 4 - Alaskan Wilderness on Excess Baggage

BBC Radio 4 LogoToday's edition of the weekly Radio 4 programme Excess Baggage had a journalist from the Scotsman on the panel who shared some of his experiences of Alaska:

Guy Grieve gave up his office job at a Scottish newspaper to spend a year alone in the Alaskan wilderness. Once in Alaska he cleared trails, built a log cabin, coped with dehydration, survived temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees, came close up to black and brown bears and trained a team of dogs. He wrote the story of his adventure in a book entitled Call of the Wild.
The most recent World Wilderness Congress was of course also in Alaska, and whilst we're in that corner of the globe, this Live Grizzly Bear Cam from National Geographic may be of interest if not entertainment: "Watch the world's largest gathering of brown bears on a live Webcam‚ as grizzlies at Alaska's McNeil River Falls fish for salmon on the run".

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