Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Get a Wedge!

New! You can now support us by using The Wedge Card

The Wedge Card aims to revitalise local communities by offering great discounts to customers using local shops and services. It also supports charities and if you buy a card using the weblink below we will receive £10 out of the £20 cost of the card.

Initially launched in Central London, Wedge is spreading across the capital and out into other cities rapidly, and you'll find a range of fantastic deals exclusive to Wedge Card holders in your local shops. Whether you are buying clothes, books, getting your hair cut or simply eating out, using a Wedge Card you'll be helping us and also helping local businesses to prosper.

Wedge Cards costs just £20 and are valid for one year. Most card holders find that they recoup the initial cost in just a few purchases. Visit www.wedgecard.co.uk to find out which traders have signed up to the scheme.

Remember, for every card purchased using our link, WFUK will receive £10. We can use that donation to contibute to our ongoing work to preserve and promote wilderness.

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