Thursday, April 19, 2007

Step Up Travel Advocacy Grant Opportunity

Whilst we here at the Wilderness Foundation love being out where others rarely venture, we never forget the importance of working with good people, wherever they are.

Step Up Travel LogoThat's why we were encouraged when we came across Step Up Travel - a unique non-profit initiative - here is a bit more about them in their own words:

"We promote responsible travel which emphasizes the importance of personal exchanges, deeper cultural understanding, genuine benefit to local people and their communities, preservation of the environment, and ultimately a more peaceful and equitable world."
Now, not only that, they also have a Travel Advocacy Grant - Application deadline is May 15th 2007:
Step Up Travel Advocacy Grant Opportunity"Identify a specific issue in a developing country that you believe needs greater international attention and advocacy for change. Submit a proposal that includes research about the issue (with references), the work currently being done to improve the situation, and a plan to learn more about the issue and increase public awareness about it. Include in your proposal at least a 10 day travel itinerary that details how you plan to document the issue (photos, journals, video, etc) and a plan for how to increase awareness about the topic once you have returned." - Learn more here: http://www.stepuptravel.org/grants.php

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