Monday, July 23, 2007

A Freakonomics Quorum: How to Save the African Rhino?

The African Rhino is an animal close to our hearts - first of all because it is an incredibly impressive sight up close when on a Wilderness trail but also because of the efforts of Dr. Ian Player, our founder. Without his efforts leading Operation Rhino in the sixties it is doubtful if there'd be any White Rhino left today.

Rhinos are still under pressure in many areas of Southern Africa and thus we welcome the fact that economists have taken an interest in their preservation. As Dr. Player, has many a time commented:

"Conservation without funds is just a conversation"
... and thus it is particularly interesting when representatives from the the 'dismal science' weigh in with their opinion:

A Freakonomics Quorum: How to Save the African Rhino? - Is an article by Stephen J Dubner, (co-author of the interesting and somewhat controversial bestseller Freakonomics, on the blog of the same name), drawing on input from a number of leading characters from both the conservation world and economics. The recommendations are varied, drawing on the contributors respective backgrounds and experience. One observation is certainly without doubt:
"There is no one best rhino conservation strategy that works in all countries."
If you're interested in helping with Rhino conservation then get in touch with our friends at http://www.savetherhino.org/ - If you'd like to safely encounter a Rhino in Wilderness, get in touch with us.

You can also find an interview with Dr. Player (PDF) in the Travel Africa Magazine archive where he talks about Operation Rhino amongst other things.

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