Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Umzi receives further recognition from Eastern Cape Government

We just heard from our colleagues in South Africa that their Umzi project has once again been recognised for the impact it has. The Eastern Cape Premier has allocated funding for more places,
still - As reported in The Port Elizabeth Herald:

"The main sponsorship comes from overseas donors..." (Full story)
That's why you hear us talking about this inspiring project so much (and why we continually ask for your support). But how about the students who benefit? What do they say? Here are a few words from Freddie:

Learn more here: http://www.umziwethu.org - and if you'd like to support then you can still sponsor Richard, our indefatigable office manager and Chris Eppinger, long-time friend to the Foundation and Kilimanjaro veteran: They completed the Walk for Life recently and their fundraising page is still up and running - Read more here about that and also other Umzi reporting from us.

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