Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ride Earth in Geneva - and how to watch their podcast

Now six weeks into their 41.000+ mile journey, Ride Earth have hit Geneva. Do read the full account of progress so far.

If you haven't already checked out Episode 1 of their podcast then now's the time to do it. It can be watched 'in-page' here: http://www.ride-earth.org.uk/podcast/ but we recommend subscribing via iTunes or the excellent and somewhat lighter Miro player. That way you'll get the latest automatically and you'll be able to watch it in full screen.

If you already have iTunes, click here to subscribe or simply launch iTunes and select Subscribe to Podcast from the Advanced menu and copy-paste this into the box that appears: http://podcast.ride-earth.org.uk/podcast.xml - That's it. Every time you launch iTunes it'll check for updates.

If you use Miro - Just highlight the URL above, switch to Miro and then use the shortcut Ctrl+N to add a new channel and the dialogue box should have the URL ready to go. Click OK and it'll pick up the most recent podcast. Ctrl+F for full screen during playback.

Whilst we're on the subject of moving images with sound... Here are a couple of recommended green channels:

Life on TerraLife on Terra "is a collaborative filmspace and laboratory exploring the questions and ideas on the cutting-edge of science and at the farthest horizons of the natural world. TERRA films have been downloaded over one million times." - TERRA on iTunesTERRA on Miro

Films4ConservationFilms4Conservation "is a collaborative non-profit initiative bringing together activists from social and environmental groups, and helping them get their message heard at a national and international level." - BlogFilms4Conservation on Miro

Wilderness Foundation TVWilderness Foundation TV - That's right, you can get our occasional videos directly into Miro. Add channel to the player by clicking here.

Find more Open TV channels for the Miro Player @ https://channelguide.participatoryculture.org/

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