Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Inside the Artice Wildlife Refuge - NYRB Article

In the most recent issue of the New York Review of Books:

"Wild northern Alaska is one of the last places on earth where a human being can kneel down and drink from a wild stream without being measurably more poisoned or polluted than before; its heart and essence is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the earth's last sanctuary of the great Ice Age fauna that includes all three North American bears, gray wolves and wolverines, musk ox, moose, and, in the summer, the Porcupine River herd of caribou, 120,000 strong." - Read full article...

Arctic WildernessProtection of the Artic was a key action point at the most recent World Wilderness Congress (held in Alaska), where a resolution to Protect Arctic Natonal Wildlife Refuge from Oil Development was adopted, but is not a new subject for the Wilderness movement - Fulcrum Books have amongst their Wilderness stock the proceedings from the 5th WWC entitled: Artic Wilderness. (Full list of past World Wilderness Congresses).

You may also find this earlier NYRB article (albeit on Global Warming) of interest, albeit not on the artic specifically.

Artic Wildlife Refuge on GoogleEarthLast but not least, we support our friends at the Sierra Club in their continued efforts to preserve the Artic Wildlife Refuge. They also have a set of interesting tools such as maps well worth checking out (click on the Google Earth thumbnail on the left).

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