Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Saving Iceland

This just in from Saving Iceland:

"Dear all,

I am writing to invite you to a theatrical and interactive protest against the destruction of Europe's second largest wilderness at the hands of heavy industry. The drowning of the Icelandic highlands has begun, in a project to
create a series of large hydropower dams for Aluminium smelting giant ALCOA's factories. The first of the dams will affect 3% of Icelands landmass and destroy reindeer breeding grounds, 60 waterfalls and a beautiful canyon-all for cheap American Aluminium.

I write to implore you to help show the Icelandic government and ALCOA that this is not acceptable. The Icelandic highlands are a beautiful and unique resource, until now untouched except by hikers and lovers of natural beauty.
By 2020 it could all be destroyed.

JOIN US for the 'FUNERAL OF THE WILD' in London on the 27th Oct and help preserve the last of Europes wilderness before its too late.

Meet at Sloane Square at 1pm for speeches, march and a fuberal ceremony."

To learn more about this, please visit http://www.savingiceland.org/ - But to give you an upfront view, here's a map of Iceland with the rivers and potential dams marked out (the latter in orange).

Map of Iceland

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