Friday, October 27, 2006

TONIGHT - Rewilding: The Vision, Examples, Constraints and Benefits’

27 October ‘Rewilding: The Vision, Examples, Constraints and Benefits’
- Toby Aykroyd, Co-ordinator of the ‘Wild Britain’ initiative and trustee of the Wilderness Foundation; and Jonathan Spencer, Senior Ecologist, Forestry Commission

Toby Aykroyd and Jonathan Spencer both promote the concept of rewilding. They will jointly present the case for rewilding, but will review the established difficulties in achieving this.
Toby Aykroyd studied macroeconomics, geography and development economics at Cambridge University and has an MBA from the Cranfield Institute of Technology. He was initially posted to the UN Development Programme in Central America where he worked on agricultural and SME business projects. His career since has mainly included commercial management both in the private sector and under contract to government. He has been involved in farming and forestry enterprises, directed a political lobby group and co-founded the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative.

The Wild Britain Initiative which he coordinates seeks to promote the restoration of large-scale natural habitat areas across 2 million acres in the UK over the next 25 years: making use of economic, social and political as well as conservation opportunities. He is Co-Chairman of the Population & Sustainability Network and Vice-Chairman of the Wilderness Foundation.

http://www.bbk.ac.uk/ce/environment/ecssociety/ - Meeting at Extra-Mural Centre premises at 26 Russell Square or 32 Tavistock Square.

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