Thursday, September 13, 2007

Environmental literacy

Across the pond, in the US, Utne has an interesting feature on "Leaving No Child, or Adult, Inside" - about the importance of getting not just children but also adults outdoors:

Utne: Leaving No Child, or Adult, Inside"Though children's education may help environmental literacy in the future, current trends indicate that adult education programs are desperately needed, too. A 2005 report by the National Environmental Education & Training Foundation (NEETF) (PDF) found that, "45 million Americans think the ocean is a source of fresh water." Many Americans realize that environmental issues are important, but the NEETF found that only 12 percent could "pass a basic quiz on awareness of energy topics." So while educating children on environmental issues is important, neglecting adults might minimize the initiatvies' effects. According to the NEETF, "Effective environmental education is not a panacea for all of society's problems, but it is a responsibility that we owe both ourselves and future generations." - Full article and useful links.
We agree - that's why we bring young people and adults alike out into nature - and specifically the most potent form of it: Wilderness.

If you're a teacher or run a cadet group, learn more about our trails - or maybe you're an individual adult looking for Wilderness Training - In either case, head to http://www.wildernessfoundation.org.uk/ to learn more about our work.

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