Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A few external events

Here's a round-up of a few external events we thought our readers might be interested in:

Gaia Foundation
  • 15th Sept - The life and vision of Thomas Berry
  • 15th-16th Sept - Thames Festival 2007
  • 19th Sept - Gaia Evening with Andrew Kimbrell

More detail at http://www.gaiafoundation.org/


Four events on Climate Change:

  1. 19 September - The Economics of Climate Change: What is the best economy when the climate is changing?
  2. 7 November - The Politics of Climate Change: developing an all party approach to mitigate global warming
  3. 16 January 2008 - Food and Climate Change: How food production and consumption needs to change
  4. 2 April 2008 - Businesses and Climate Change: how corporations and businesses should adapt to the need for climate stability.

More info at: http://www.resurgence.org/events/

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