Friday, September 07, 2007

Ride Earth update - and request for feedback

Ride Earth

There's a new podcast available and also new post on the Ride Earth blog: http://www.ride-earth.org.uk/blog/.

You can find instructions on how to set up your subscription to the podcast...

Now, we've really enjoyed the two first podcasts and we hope you have too - the good people behind them would like some feedback though:

Hello from String Films, the team behind the podcast series.

Great news, Episode Two of the Ride Earth video podcast is now available to download.

You can subscribe for free on iTunes or watch on the podcast page at http://www.ride-earth.com/

The guys are currently in Hungary and have been filming every new adventure along the way.

We’re doing our utmost to make sure you can share their up and downhill adventure, but we need your feedback. So if you have ideas drop us a line.

Now download, sit back and enjoy your journey with the guys.

The String Films team

Also, check out 'ecoescapes' from String Films.

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